Authentic Recipes from Vietnam

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Vietnamese cuisine is full of delicious, tasteful dishes. The variety and eccentricity of the ingredients used in them make them definitely interesting. People in Sydney appreciate and enjoy many dishes originally from this country. While there are many famous recipes that most food lovers know of, like Pho, there are many others that are not so well-known that should be given a chance by foreign eaters.

Generally, the dishes that are part of Vietnamese cuisine include rice, chicken, fish sauce in abundance, seafood, pork, herbs, like mint and cilantro, beef and vegetables, and are often mixed with recipes from other countries, like Cambodia and China. These dishes are divided into categories. For example, the Bánh type involves the use of steamed rice cake and rolls. It shouldn’t be confused with the Bún class, in which instead of steamed rice, vermicelli is always used. Goi dishes include salads, which are composed of non-lettuce ingredients, such as unripe green papaya or mango.

The most typical component of all of these traditional dishes, is the Nuóc Châm sauce. It is present in almost every Vietnamese meal. This sauce is a mixture of fish sauce, chilli, lime juice, garlic and sugar, and it is excellent for dipping your food. It gives your meal a spicy and salty flavour.

Since there are recipes that are already very famous, we will talk about some other options that are part of traditional Vietnamese food and are rather unknown and that you might want to try. The first is the Goi Cuon, known as spring rolls. An important thing to take into account is to distinguish this recipe from the fried rolls, the Cha Gio, in some cases also called spring rolls. These rolls are formed by greens, shrimps and herbs. Commonly, they are dunk in some Nuóc Chäm of course.

Another delicious recipe that you get in the traditional Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney is included in the category of Canh, which are Vietnamese soups. Many dishes are included in this category, but a very important sub-category is Canh Chua. These soups are sour soups, and generally contain pineapple, tamarind and sometimes tomatoes. In them, you can find very opposing flavours, sweet, salty and savoury, together with different textures, from vegetables to seafood. To sum up, when we talk about Vietnamese cuisine, we must talk about the variety of authentic flavours, the ingredients used and healthy traditional recipes.